Rainwater Storage


Why use drinking water, so expensive for some applications, when it´s so easy to recover rainwater?

The solution is simple, a storage tank for rainwater, connected to the rainwater collection, allows a later use.

According to INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística) the average water consumption in Spain is 160 liters / inhabitant / day. As a result, a high natural resources and economic cost, if we consider that more than half of consumption can be replaced by rainwater.

It is therefore difficult to consider a recovery rainwater system an unnecessary expense, as it will enable substantial savings on every water consumption bill and also an important environmental benefit.

Acción Industrial y Proyectos following a policy oriented to customer service, maximum respect to the environment and the use of the natural resources, has implemented a range of products for the treatment of waste water and rain water recovery, based on criteria of easy installation, high durability and performance, low power consumption and maintenance, resulting high-quality products with one of the best quality/price relation in the market.

Acción Industrial y Proyectos, distributor in Spain of the prestigious international brand Boralit, disposes of own installation and maintenance equipment,as well as a professional advice service in order to ensure the best option and the optimal functioning of all its installations.