Pump Station


These are equipment for the draining of wastewater, rainwater and others, located under the evacuation dimension level..

The choice of the type of pump station will depend on the effluent to be discharged and the other different specific parameters of the installation.

For the correct sizing of the installation is recommended to contact our technical department, knowing the following for installation:

  1. Height of evacuation.
  2. Length of the discharge pipe.
  3. Nature of the effluent (rainwater, wastewater or treated wastewater).
  4. Maximum flow rate in m3 / h.
  5. Available power supply (230 or 400V).
  6. Installation of 1 or 2 pumps.

The range of pumping stations enable to optimize the installation (flow and effluent type) for most of the needs that may arise.

Acción Industrial y Proyectos guarantees with its own installation and maintenance equipment, as well as a professional advice service, the best option and the optimal functioning of all its installations.